Stipend and Benefits

The annual stipend across the SD-PIC training sites will be $44,000.

Interns will be designated employees of either Human Services Center (HSC) or Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services (LCBHS) dependent on which they are primarily placed. All interns will receive comparable health benefits, as well as paid time off, through their employer.

SD-PIC interns have access to numerous resources. Assessment and other training materials are provided by each training site, and additional materials that may be needed may be purchased using consortium funding with Training Committee approval. Each intern additionally has access to administrative and IT support through their primary training site and through WICHE. Interns will also be given access to a psychology scientific literature database. Funding for travel within the state of South Dakota is provided for interns to complete required training experiences. For more information on eligible reimbursements, please review the Travel Reimbursement Policy.