Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services, Inc

Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services (LCBHS) is an integrated behavioral healthcare agency offering a variety of different programs in southeastern South Dakota. LCBHs provides residential, outpatient, and inpatient programs as well as patient-centered medical homes, medication-assisted treatment, and crisis services to individuals experiencing substance use disorders or mental illness. LCBHS is considered by many to be the premiere, fully integrated non-profit provider of substance use and mental health services in Southeastern South Dakota.

Staff and Facilities

LCBHS provides services with a staff of 170 individuals from offices locations in Yankton, Vermillion, and Lake Andes South Dakota.  Plans are well underway for the consolidation of the Yankton locations into one state-of the art facility.   We are proud to adhere to a “no wrong door” treatment approach that allows ready access to an integrated array of services regardless of the access point.

Training Opportunities

Urgent/Emergency Care Services

The Urgent/Emergency Care Services are available to individuals who are dealing with a mental health or substance use crisis or to family members who are assisting a loved one. This service includes a 24/7 behavioral health screening with available consultation by a mental health professional via phone, telehealth, or in person as well as urgent outpatient care that is clinically monitored detoxification and residential crisis stabilization. This services also provides support to law-enforcement, county boards of mental illness and other community-based emergency services providers or responders.

Substance Use Disorder Detoxification Service

This service is designed for individuals who are at risk of health or behavioral health complications secondary to the withdrawal from the use of alcohol or other drugs, but who do not need in-hospital care. The service has dual goals of providing safe withdrawal and to engage the individual in the initial steps needed to begin recovery.

Inpatient Substance use Treatment Service

This is a 28 day medically monitored inpatient treatment program that serves individuals who have severe, complicated substance use disorders.  The program is focused on treating individuals with dual psychiatric and substance use disorders.  Consistent with best practice in co-occurring substance use and mental health treatment, staff employ appropriately stage interventions and provide assertive outreach, motivational interventions, case management / social support interventions in addition to traditional psychiatric, mental health and substance use counseling.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

The Outpatient Mental Health Treatment at LCBHS provides psychiatric and psychological services, comprehensive assessment and treatment planning, and counseling to individuals, adults, children, and families. Services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals that include psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice nursing, addiction and mental health counselors, psychiatric social workers, and others.

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Individual and group outpatient services include evidence based and trauma informed treatment for alcohol, methamphetamine, opioid, cannabis, and other substance use disorders. This service at LCBHS also includes comprehensive assessment, treatment planning, and placement in services, such as medical managed inpatient, residential, individual, group, or detoxification.

Children Youth and Family Services

LCBHS provides evidence based and trauma informed treatment for problems related to life changes, stress, attention, hyperactivity, acting out, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health problems for children and families. These services are available to be delivered in the clinic, at home, or in school depending on need and family preference. Treatment is based on a comprehensive assessment with full family participation in treatment planning.

The CARE Program

The CARE Program provides services to individuals experiencing serious mental illness with functional impairment who need community-based recovery supports. CARE services may include symptom monitoring, medication management, individual or group counseling and education, direct assistance in obtaining necessities and other supports.

The IMPACT Program

This program is designed for individuals with severe mental illness who need intensive supports in the community. Treatment is based on a comprehensive assessment and the individual is involved in each step of treatment planning. IMPACT services may include symptom monitoring, medication management, individual or group counseling and education, direct assistance in obtaining necessities and other supports.

Cedar Village and Sir Charles Housing

These housing projects are developed for individuals who experience severe mental illness.

Intern Experience

Interns will have to opportunity to work as part of an interdisciplinary team in the identified service lines across populations to include children, youth and families, adults, and geriatric populations.  The intern will have the opportunity to gain experience in specialized evidence-based services including “Function Family Therapy” “Systems of Care”, “Assertive Community Treatment”, “Matrix” model of addiction treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Substance Abuse, among others. Exposure to individual evidence-based services include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization-Reprocessing.   The intern will have the opportunity to complete diagnostic and differential diagnostic assessments for treatment teams and for outside entities.  The intern may also have an opportunity to be involved in forensic evaluations to include experience testifying at hearing.